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New UAE law against hate crime: The main provisions

Insult or discrimination against any religion in any form will attract punishment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) henceforth.The punishment includes jail terms ranging upto more than 10 years and fines from upto Dh2 million in the UAE. The main provisions are as follow:

ABU DHABI: All forms of discrimination on the grounds of religion, caste, creed, doctrine, race, colour or ethnic origin through speech, written word, books, pamphlets or online media have been banned in the UAE with immediate effect from last Monday.

The following are the main provisions of the new law as reported by Gulf News. Punishment for violation is jail term ranging from six months to more than 10 years and fines up to Dh2 million.

The decree was issued by President Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The new law bears No 02 of 2015.

The provisions are:

The law criminalises any acts that stoke religious hatred

Criminalises any act that insults religion through any form of expression, be it speech or the written word, books, pamphlets or online

Punishes anyone for terming other religious groups or individuals as infidels, or unbelievers

Provides a sound foundation for the environment of tolerance, broad- mindedness and acceptance in the UAE

Aims to safeguard people regardless of their origin, beliefs or race, against acts that promote religious hate and intolerance

Includes jail terms of six months to more than 10 years for those who break the law Includes fines of between Dh50,000 and Dh2 million for those who break the law

Prohibits any act that would be considered as insulting God, His prophets or apostles or holy books or houses of worship or graveyards

Makes it illegal to discriminate against individuals or groups on the basis of religion, caste, doctrine, race, colour or ethnic origin

Prohibits any entity or group established specifically to provoke religious hatred

Recommends stringent punishments for groups or supporters of any organisations or individuals that are associated with hate crimes

Prohibits any kind of events such as conferences and meetings within the UAE organised with the sole purpose of sowing seeds of discrimination, discord or hatred against individuals or groups on the basis of faith, origin or race

Makes it illegal to receive financial support to fund activities that propagate hate

Encourages anyone involved in any activity that violates the law to voluntarily submit themselves before the authorities

Allows courts to waive penalties where people voluntarily submit themselves to authorities

Dovetails with other existing laws to protect specially privileged groups such as women, children and individuals with disabilities or others.

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DUBAI: Dubai will have 400 more air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned bus shelters in the next two years. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has awarded the contract for the project to Right Angle Media. There will be wi-fi facility also. The project will be operated by Right Angle Media, a company that also operates the existing bus shelters. To be operated on the public-private- partnership model, the project will bring the total number of bus shelters in Dubai to 1,295.
ABU DHABI: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has said that the UAE is a favourite destination and a perfect environment for entrepreneurs and innovators from across the world. "We have great expectations from entrepreneurs because we believe in their unlimited innovative ideas," Sheikh Mohammed said as he received a delegation from the United Nation's Global Entrepreneurs Council. The Council has selected Ohood Al Roumi, Director-General of the Prime Minister Office of the UAE, as its first Arab member. He said, "We have great confidence in the young generation."
DUBAI: Women of New Dubai are feeling unsafe as unidentified men are stalking them, according to complaints to the police. According to Gulf News, residents of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) have raised concerns on social media about the stalkers, claiming they have been followed them while walking their dogs or running errands. It has also been brought to public that the stalkers follow women by driving slowly behind them in their tinted SUVs.
ABU DHABI: The ISAF Sailing World Cup is being organised in Abu Dhabi for the championship’s final. Ten Olympic sailing categories will compete with an open kiteboarding event joining the programme. Held from October 27 to November 1, 2015 the event begins at 11.30 am, at Breakwater, between the Corniche and Lulu Island, Abu Dhabi. Watch the racing is free. The base for the fleet is at the Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club opposite Marina Mall. It’s a great place to watch the regatta from as you’ll be in the thick of the action. You can also watch the regatta from anywhere along the Corniche.
ABU DHABI: The fatwa issued by the Islamic affairs authority cited a number of Hadith about fasting on Ashura day. The day of Ashura (Muharram 10) will be observed on Saturday (October 24) as the new Hijri year, Muharram 1, 1437, began on Thursday (October 15), according to an edict issued here on Thursday by the Centre of Fatwa of the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf. The fatwa issued by the Islamic affairs authority cited a number of Hadith about fasting on Ashura day. "Fasting on the Ashura day is atonement for sins," said the dictum.
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